Clothing Trends: Why Vintage Clothing is Making a Comeback

The vintage fashion bug has been on a rampage lately, biting everyone and anyone at will. Even celebrities like Kanye West and Kendall Jenner have gotten their fair share of the bite. Now, this isn't your regular insect bite; this is a more thrilling bite triggered by classy pieces of pre-owned clothing. 
Enough with the bug and bite ramble, vintage clothing is defined as apparel that has its roots in bygone eras. To put it simply, these are trendy clothes that were previously owned by people from decades and centuries ago. Wearing hand-me-downs from foregone eras is the new eclectic fashion currently making the rounds.


You know it's a big deal when tons of celebrities have taken a fancy to vintage clothing, street-wear vintage in particular. Ranking high on this list is Kanye West who is the famed king of eclectic fashion. Kanye's vintage street style has kept the headlines buzzing and the fashion enthusiasts on their feet. It's that eye-catching. However, Kanye is not the only one with a good eye for vintage fashion, stars like Miley Cyrus, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna and a bunch of others have all sported vintage in varying degrees of "cool, sophisticated and fabulous."

Celebrities aside, vintage clothing has also scored a huge hit with hip-hop cultures. These days, high street fashion is cloaked in vintage pieces. Some high-end boutiques and online stores are literally incomplete without vintage pieces. Even the world's renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine, "vogue," has featured and made reference to vintage clothing in several of their publications.


No doubt, vintage clothing has made a huge comeback, and it is here to stay. But why is there so much fuss and frenzy surrounding these bygone fashion garments? Of course, it has a jaw-dropping aesthetic appeal and a unique vibe; because truth be told, they don't make them like vintage anymore. Another compelling reason would be the thrill of wearing clothes with a remarkable history. But there's even more; choosing vintage can actually solve the unfortunate climatic predicament of the world.


Ecological experts have warned that the world may undergo a catastrophic climate change in the near future if we don't re-evaluate our environmental habits. Needless to say, the fashion industry, especially the fast-fashion sector, contributes to a large portion of these "bad habits." It will surprise you to know that fast-fashion manufacturers generate more greenhouse gases than any other energy-driven industries like maritime shipping. But that's even putting it lightly, because the fast-fashion industry has lived up to its name as the world's second largest source of pollution.

Talk about being gross and destructive. To top it all, there is evidence to suggest that most of these clothes have a short life span. This translates to more clothes being dumped in the garbage. Mother nature must be giving "fast-fashion" the side eye!


The emergence of vintage clothing has changed the narrative. These archival fashion pieces simultaneously solve the problem of textile life span and production waste. By buying vintage and re-wearing clothes, we can save the world 14.3 million tons of apparel waste every year. This is the reason vintage clothing is given the term sustainable fashion.

When you buy a vintage piece, you are not just buying a cloth; you are also saving the world from the devastating clutches of climate change. Look no further than our collection for the most riveting vintage pieces from illustrious brands like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Harley Davidson and a bunch of other top-notch companies. Wear history, wear change, wear Vibn Vintage!

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