Mehul Adlakha, the Founder of Vibn Vintage

The Birth of Vibn Vintage

Vibn Vintage began in 2019, in a small 300 square foot apartment room near Toronto, with only a handful of vintage pieces and a unique vision for the future. With a passion for vintage clothing fuelling our motivation to build a brand that stands the test of time, just like the vintage pieces we know and love, we stayed consistent and continued to expand our collection of vintage pieces.

Through dedication and your support, we are now operating out of a 2000 square foot office, with a team of four dedicated individuals, and over 5000 unique vintage pieces in stock. Vibn Vintage works hard to bring you hand-selected vintage pieces that add individuality, diversity, and creative touches to your wardrobe. Along with our commitment to offering the highest of quality in vintage fashion, we are committed to our integrity as a brand, offering superior customer service and support. Whether you are a vintage clothing collector, a fashionista, or a decade enthusiast, Vibn Vintage has styles for you.

Our Mission

We believe that vintage clothing will never truly go out of style. Vintage clothing is timeless, fashionable, and unique – each piece speaking to a person, just like you, who can help its individuality live on over the decades.

We help bring quality vintage pieces to the people who will love them the most. Our mission involves the curation of exceptional, irreplaceable pieces, by consistently searching for rare, deadstock, and mint condition items.

Our commitment is to you, the customer, in maintaining our brand integrity through our superior customer service and quality.

Our Vision

At Vibn Vintage, we imagine a world of fashion where timeless vintage styles are attainable, affordable, and accessible for fashionistas and decade enthusiasts alike. Vibn Vintage pictures vintage fashion as being sustainable, opportune, and eternal for the people who love it.

Whether you’re looking for superior quality that seems like a thing of the past, or you’ve been born in the wrong decade, Vibn Vintage has timeless pieces for you.

Sustainability Efforts

At Vibn Vintage, we are committed to sustainability efforts that help to support the environment. All orders are packaged in 100% biodegradable, compostable mailers, meaning that no matter where our packaging ends up, our planet will not be impacted in the process.